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What if Your Child Refuses Visitation Under the Custody Order?

Child custody and visitation schedules are ordered based on what is in the best interests of the child. But as time goes by, a son or daughter may start raising objections to making the required visits. If this occurs, the parent with primary custody could be considered in violation of the custody order, which can Read More

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Can You Change Your Visitation Schedule?

Visitation schedules are mandated by a court as part of a child custody order. A visitation schedule can always be modified by agreement of the parents. If one parent will not agree to a change, however, the other parent may ask the court to intervene. Until recently, to have a court change a visitation schedule, Read More

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Can Paternity Be Presumed if You Aren’t Married?

Sometimes the law presumes the paternity of a child, meaning that the state accepts the identity of the father without any need for filing documents or confirming through DNA testing. In Oklahoma, there are certain situations in which a man will be presumed to be the father of a child. If none of these situations Read More

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Can Grandparents Obtain Visitation Rights?

Grandparents often play a special role in a child’s life, but that role can become challenging when a child’s parents divorce, pass away or become incarcerated. As a result, a grandparent may find themselves suddenly separated from their grandchild and looking for a way to maintain a presence in their life. They must start by Read More

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What Are Your Options for Enforcing a Child Custody Arrangement?

When couples divorce, both parents have a duty to stick to the visitation schedule included in the custody order. Adhering strictly to the terms listed in the order provides stability and is in the best interests of any children covered by the agreement. Sometimes, however, communication between parents breaks down after a divorce. If your Read More

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