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Why a Small Law Firm is Better

Why a Small Law Firm is Better

Personal attention, hands-on representation and responsive service are just some of the advantages

It is not always easy to choose a law firm, especially with so many to select from in the Tulsa area. Is it best to go with a large, mid-size or small firm? At Lindsey Law Firm, P.C., we strongly believe that small is better. There are many advantages to working with small, boutique law firms that often make them the best option for people and businesses facing legal challenges.

Work with attorneys who are invested in the local community

A distinguishing characteristic of small law firms is that they are uniquely situated to provide individualized attention to every client, not just the biggest billers. As there is no revolving door of cases coming in and out, lawyers and staff can get to know their clients as real people in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Additionally, small firms are vital members of their local communities, providing their attorneys an inherent understanding of the struggles and issues people in their neighborhoods face. This personal understanding helps attorneys identify and execute solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

You don’t have to wonder who is handling your important legal matter

At a small law firm, you can expect to work directly with a dedicated lawyer. Your case will not be passed off to someone unqualified because the lawyer you thought you hired took on a higher-profile matter. Likewise, your matter won’t be assigned to an anonymous “team” of attorneys, some of whom you may never meet. At a small firm, you will be represented by a committed lawyer who will take the time to learn about you, along with your concerns and goals.

Count on efficient service and effective communication

Often, attorneys at small firms will handle all the key tasks themselves, increasing efficiency and minimizing the likelihood of communication errors. In a boutique office, the focus is on resolving clients’ concerns promptly and successfully. Attorneys directly answer questions and concerns, so there are not multiple people involved who might relay confusing or conflicting messages.

When choosing a law firm for your important legal matter, look for one that you are comfortable with and that gives your case the personal and focused attention that it deserves.

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